CDO Capital (CDOC) is a specialized investment banking firm. The intensity of our focus on the utilization of life insurance assets and the depth of our management team’s expertise enables CDOC to produce advanced solutions when traditional methods do not meet our clients’ needs and goals. We provide innovative investment and financing structures that include securitized instruments based upon life insurance assets allowing for superior returns while mitigating risk. The CDOC collaboration by an exceptional group of experienced investment banking and insurance industry participants creates value for both clients and investors. The broad experience of the CDOC team allows for exceptional structuring and implementation. CDOC was formed in early 2007 to address the need for an improved structure for the use of insurance assets for both borrowers and the financial community. CDOC is headquartered in San Diego, California.


Our purpose is to help our clients and investors meet their goals. Our success is based upon excellence and integrity in what we do.